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We start racing in March

Voltas - Tartu 2024 by CCN riders will start their racing season in March on Dutch and Taiwanese roads.

The Lithuanian riders of the team have had already a nice track calendar with their national team and local track competitions in the team jersey, but most of the team has been preparing the season on the road without racing yet. Many guys have profited from the Spanish roads and some of the Nordic weather on cross country skies. Most of riders will come together in February under Spanish sun to get more quality kilometers before the road season kicks off.

Two riders, Lauri Tamm and Martti Lenzius, will start their season with Estonian National Team in the Tour of Colombia 6-11th February. The aim there is to get some quality kilometers and help the national team leader Martin Laas in the sprint stages.

Voltas-Tartu 2024 by CCN's first race will be Salverda Bouw Ster van Zwolle (1.2) in Netherland on 2nd March. It will be followed by Youngster Coast Challenge (1.2u) on 15th March and Olympias Tour (2.2) 20-24.03. Half of the team will travel to Asia to race Tour of Taiwan (2.1) 10-14.03.

In April the team will be on French and Chinese roads.


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