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About Klubi Cycling Tartu

Klubi Cycling Tartu was founded 2017 by former pro riders Rene Mandri, Jaan Kirsipuu and local entrepreneur Hannes Kirs as an amateur team to give the U23 level riders (19-22 y.o.) an opportunity to continue to prove themselves as there were no pro teams and opportunities in our region.


During the 5 years of history  (former Cycling Tartu,, Ampler Development Team, Team Ampler-Tartu2024 and now Tartu 2024 Cycling Team ) we have had over 120 victories, we have produced 8 riders who have made a step to a higher level team and race as professional cyclists.


We see this as a great result of team's determined work. 

Our goal is to develope Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish U23 riders and win international races.

Today the team is run by Jaan Kirsipuu helped by the Latvian coach Toms Flaksis and Lithuanian Sports Director Gediminas Bogdanas.


Jaan Kirsipuu


  • Jaan is the Estonian cycling legend, he has won 4 stages in the Tour de France, ridden in the yellow jersey for 7 days and has over 120 pro  wins.


  • He is now devoting his time to develope the future of cycling.

Gediminas Bagdonas

Sports Director

  • Gediminas, the former successful professional cyclist from Lithuania, knows what it takes to develop into a solid pro rider.

  •  With his knowledge and enthusiasm the boys are in good hands.

Our values

1. Co-operation - the cycling project for Baltic and Finnish cycling communities at the moment.

2. Education - educating our youth on how great is life by having an active lifestyle.

3. Clean sport - only way to win is trough hard work and dignity.

4. Gender equality - equal chances for both, girls and boys.

5. Green movement - we are rooting for more people to ride bicycles, it's fun and healthy.

6. We care about each other  - we share the road, safety comes first.

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Our previous riders
in a UCI team

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