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Succesful Baltic weekend

The cycling season in Baltics and Finland has kicked off and our riders showed their quality at the races on the local roads.

We had riders racing at the same time in Finland, Latvia and Estonia.

In Finland Oskar Küüt won the Simo Klimsheffskjin muisto ajot and was 3rd in the 66. TS-kortteliajot. Jaakko Sillankorva finished 2nd of the 66. TS-kortteliajot.

In Estonia we had the Baltic Cup events Otepää GP and Otepää Rattaralli. Alekss Krasts won the hard Otepää GP and went to Latvia to win the next day Toyota Gravel 1st event Cesis-Valmiera. Same time in Otepää Rattaralli Aaron Aus finished 3rd, Jomantas Venckus 5th, Gusts Lapins 8th, Martti Lenzius 9th and Siim Kiskonen 10th.

The main objectives in the upcoming period are Tour of Estonia, Tour of Lithuania and Baltic Championships. There will be loads of races at home now including Nordic Gravel Championships at the beginning of June in Valga, Estonia.


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