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Six podiums in one weekend!

After a long and hard beginning of the season, our guys came back to their home countries. They rest, train, and take part in local races before Tour of Estonia in the end of May.

Aaron Aus demonstrated his good form in the Carpathian Couriers Race a week ago, and it has not gone. We competed in the Estonian local road series Filter Cup in Viljandi (100.8km) in saturday, and Aaron took a win for our team! Aaron escaped with 5 other riders early in the race. In the brakeaway was also our rider Joonas Kurits and 5 additional riders. They were able to maintain the lead and ride to victory thanks to their hard work over 80 kilometers. Aaron showed the sharpest leg on the final Heimtali hill and won the race! Joonas Kurits finished third, Lauri Tamm sixth, Markus Pajur seventh, and Siim Kiskonen tenth.

The following day was the Tallinn championships in criterium (25.2km), where we had three riders of our team. Markus Pajur won, Siim Kiskonen was 2nd and Lauri Tamm 3rd!

Lithuanian Jomantas Venckus finished third in the Kaunas Cycling Race (80km) in Lithuania!


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