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Siim Kiskonen first UCI win!

We started the 34th Course Cycliste de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympiques tour in Poland. Two years ago, we won this tour with Norman Vahtra. This year we try it again.

The first stage was 83 kilometers, totally flat but windy. Siim escaped at the beginning of the first stage with five other guys, and they managed to keep the gap until the end. The biggest gap they had was 3 minutes and 40 seconds. If there was still time to drive under 10 kilometers, then they started attacking each other. Our little aero monkey pulled the longest straw this time when he attacked 1.5km before the finish in the little downhill. He got a gap before the corner, went full gas till the finish, and won stage one with over a 20-second gap!

In the evening, they ride again, this time 85 kilometers. Our plan was to keep the yellow jersey and wait for the punch sprint for Markus Pajur. After five crashes for our three guys, Rokas, Kiskonen, and Lauri, we still made it. Because of many crashes, we didn't have a perfect leadout train for Pajur, and he finished in 12th place today. After all, we are happy that we kept the leader position by 22 seconds. Also, we are the best in team classification!

Unfortunately, our big machine, Rokas Adomaitis, fell so badly that he went to the hospital after finishing the stage for checkout. Broken collabrone it is. Get well soon, our champ!

We have 3 stages left: the second day we ride 166.7 kilometers, the third day is 218.6, and the last day is 175.2 kilometers. It's not going to be easy, but we still try to do our best till the end!

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