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Rubenis & Mikutis national champions in MU road race

The Baltic Championships in the men under 23 category was won by our former rider Rait Ärm (Groupama FDJ continental) ahead of our Artjom Mirzojev and Gleb Karpenko. The order was the same also while distributing the Estonian MU national championships medals. The best Lithuanian and Latvian MU riders were crowned during the same race too. Our Aivaras Mikutis became Lithuanian MU champion and Pauls Rubenis is the best Latvian MU rider in the second concecutive year.

The race was held in Otepää, Estonia on a challenging 120km course and the final 5,2km long loops in Tehvandi Ski Stadium made finally the difference between the best riders. With different accelerations in the head of the race riders lost contact one by one and finally it was 1,5 laps to go then Rait Ärm and Gleb Karpenko did their decisive move from the main group of only 12 riders big by that point.

Ärm showed his superiority in the final sprint against the TT specialist and Artjom Mirzojev won the sprint for the 3rd spot ahead of Arkea Samsic's Markus Pajur.


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