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Pajur second in Belgium again!

"Markus Pajur Takes Second Place in KAJ-KWB Prijs Race in Zele, Belgium" The KAJ-KWB Prijs race in Zele, a picturesque Belgian town, was a test of endurance and strategy for Markus Pajur and his teammate Lauri Tamm.

Markus delivered an impressive performance, securing second place in a race filled with challenges but not without merit. Markus reflected on the race, saying, "The race was active from the beginning, and around kilometer 20, Lauri and I managed to break away. We worked well together, and there weren't many attacks to contend with. If anything went wrong, Lauri or I were right there with the leading group. However, on the final lap, one rider managed to escape on their own and couldn't be caught. While I claimed victory in the group finish and secured second place, it wasn't the perfect result I had hoped for. Nevertheless, I'm content with my performance." Lauri Tamm, Markus's teammate, also played a vital role for the team. Lauri explained, "I made an early breakaway in the classic kermesse style and maintained a strong presence in the middle part of the race. Towards the end, I focused on helping Markus by trying to keep the group together. In the end we only lost by 2 seconds" The KAJ-KWB Prijs race in Zele, Belgium, showcased Markus Pajur's resilience and skill, earning him a commendable second-place finish."


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