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Olympias Tour opening day: 9th in TTT, Madis 7th in the road race

Team Ampler-Tartu2024 started today the Dutch four day long Olympias Tour ( UCI 1.2 ).

The day was marked by strong winds and narrow roads, the same for the team time trial in the morning and for the road race in the evening. "Guys did almost a perfect race in the short 7.2km long team time trial, but a small mishapp of Markus Knaapi played out a situation where we had only three riders together on the last straight, but the time was stopped after the 4th rider. With valuable seconds lost we still managed to finish 9th, not too bad," explained team's coach Toms Flaksis.

In the evening there was a short 72km long road race in the program, the field split into several groups and we had Pauls Rubenis and Madis Mihkels in the front. Madis finished 7th of the 34 man lead group. There are three longer road race stages to go now.

Results of the TTT here.

Results of the road race here.

Check from the video what Madis had to say:

Pilt: Team Ampler-Tartu2024 I Madis Mihkels 7.koht


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