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Markus Pajur victorious weekend!

Saturday was the Boch Eesti Tallinna 26. marathon, where Pajur was victorious again. The race was 47 kilometres long and lasted 1.43 hours for Pajur. Pajur escaped with five other riders at the start of the race. After several attempts to escape among the runners, they went all together in the final kilometres. Pajur did his best sprint and won the race! Second was Oskars Muiznieks and third Josten Vaidem.

Sunday was the Sigulda road race in Latvia. 130 kilometres, 2.58 hours, and 44 seconds. The race was very active all day long. After the middle of the race, Siim Kiskonen escaped with three guys. The race seemed to be done for Pajur because the train stopped the main peloton for several minutes. However, after downtime, Pajur escaped with the smaller peloton and catch the first ones. In the final climb, he dropped others and won the race. Siim Kiskonen was second and Markus Mäeuibo third!

Now Pajur is heading for the final of the season to Belgium, where he can race with team some local and UCI races!


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