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Markus Pajur second in Belgium!

In the "Fred De Bruyne Memorial Race" held in Belgium, Our rider Markus Pajur secured the second place, finishing just three seconds behind the Norwegian Andre Dregest from Team Coop-Repsol, who claimed victory. The third place was earned by the Dutch cyclist Huub Artz (Metec-Solarwatt p/b Mantel; +0.03). Pajur described the race's progression, saying, "Right at the beginning of the 160.8-kilometer race, there was an explosive start. Various groups broke away, and eventually, a group of about 30 riders formed, from which approximately 12 riders separated about 35 kilometers before the finish." He continued, "On the last lap, a Metec rider attacked, and I chased after him. Later, two more riders joined us." "About 1.5 km before the finish, there was a final turn where the Belgian Yenti Vandevelde inexplicably let a gap open to Andre Dregest, who seized the opportunity and pulled away," Pajur further explained. "I tried to go with him, but he was already too far ahead. I gave it my all, and I'm satisfied with the result." Lauri Tamm (Tartu2024 Cycling Team; +0.38) finished in 12th place.


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