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Madis Mihkels 2nd on the 3rd stage of the Tour du Loir-et-Cher

The Tour du Loir-et-Cher ( UCI ) continued today with the 3rd stage (213km), it had a tricky and hard 5.5km long final circuit with a gravel climb to be taken 3 times. There was a ten men big break in front 40km to go and Team Ampler-Tartu2024 were involved in the chasing as well.

The bigger part of the job was done by the Czech team Elkov, they have their man Michael Kukrle leading the GC now. The break was brought back, but new attacks followed on the final circuits.

Finally there was still one guy ahead, Aaskov Pellesen Jeppe (ColoQuick) and Madis sprinted at the front of a small field claiming the second place. He is 3rd in the GC now and holding in to the best U23 rider's jersey.

There are still two stages to go. On Saturday there is a 205km long day around La Motte Beuvronis and the last 97.5km long stage on Sunday will be ridden on the streets of French town Blois.


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