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The local racing scene has kicked off with Karpenko and Mikutis winning

The first races organized in the Baltic states were time trials and Ampler Development Team's riders ruled them as predicted.

Gleb Karpenko was yesterday the fastest on the 14km long Filter Tempo series course in Maardu, Estonia with the time of 17min50. He told at the finish line that he avaraged about 400w on that tricky and rain wet course. Second place belong to his younger team mate Joonas Kurits with the time of 18min09. Both riders are known as good TT riders from the past as they have finished in the Top6 of the European Junior TT championships in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Actually the first win for Ampler Development Team's riders from the local racing scene came already on the 11th of April as Aivaras Mikutis was the fastest during the Lithuanian season's opener. He covered the 10km TT course in Kedainiai with 12m01s.

It looks like there are mainly TT's and short criteriums in the Estonian cycling calendar for the month of May before the UCI 2.1 Tour of Estonia 29-20.May.

Lithuanians have had already some road races too. Aivaras Mikutis and Mantas Bitinas have taken already a back to back win in a road race.

Latvian & Finnish calendars haven't started yet due to the pandemic rules.

Photo/ Aerobike: K.Kivistik Gleb Karpenko in his Estonian Champion colours.


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