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Kristers Ansons won in Lithuania

As a great opener to the Lithuanian road race calendar, Baišogala-Grinkiškis-Gaisogala was won by the Latvian Kristers Ansons from Ampler Development Team last Sunday, May 16th. The 95km long road race is well known for its gravel road sections. Second and third belong to the local riders Gudiškis Eimantas and Justas Beniušis

Four riders from the Ampler Development Team were in the start, Lithuanians Mantas Bitinas and Aivaras Mikutis together with Latvians Pauls Rubenis and Kristers Ansons. "Today we managed to control the race in such a way that in the end there were three of us in the nine-man front group and I was able to use my sprinter's legs on the finish straight," explained the winner.

Team's coach Toms Flaksis added: "It didn't come easy this time, our boys had a lot of punctures and Rubenis fell in the middle of the race. So, we were repeatedly in the role of chasers at first, but luckily it didn't effect the final result. We showd that we are the ones to count with in local races as our status demands."

The Estonians of the team didn't travel to Lithuania, because many boys are graduating from school and they didn't want to risk being quarantined.

"It is necessary to get inside the school before final exams,"commented team's manager Rene Mandri.

Photo: Facebook / Lietuvas Plento Taure


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