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Kiskonen & Aus showed some improvement in Tour du Loir et Cher.

Le Tour du Loir et Cher was already 3rd tour this year for our riders. It went a lot better than the previous races as we were more competetive in the higher level field. We didn't win yet anything, but the young Estonian Aaron Aus was several times in the mix then it came down to sprinting for the finish line in the main field. He was 16th the first day and 18th the 4th day. The best performance came in the last day, Siim Kiskonen was 12th on the typical street circuit in Blois.

Aaron was 34th of the general classification, Klevgard Kristian was 73rd, Lauri Tamm 98th, Matuzevičius Žygimantas 100th & Siim Kiskonen 103rd. Alekss Krasts didn't start the last day due to a small infection.

The racing season starts now also in the Baltics and you will see us racing also at home.


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