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Holm Bank joines our efforts

We are glad to announce a new sponsor at these difficult times, Holm Bank. "As our budget is under pressure due to the Covid19 tests we have to make each time travelling to a different country and before each race, it is a enormous relief to secure another sponsor," explained team's manager Rene Mandri.

Holm is a bank based on Estonian capital. Their product portfolio includes products for both individuals and companies. Holm offers small loans, hire purchase, and credit cards under the Liisi brand, as well as fixed-term deposits and business loans under the Holm brand. Holm offers the Liisi hire purchase in more than 2,000 stores and e-shops all over Estonia. More than 350,000 people have used Liisi’s products, both in regular and online stores.

Holm is present also in Latvia and Sweden.

"Our ambition is to be an internationally operating and rapidly developing bank that cares about its customers, is responsible, supportive and helpful. We want the good plans of ourselves and our customers to come true. Supporting the Ampler Development Team's young team characterizes well our values and we are very pleased to be able to support the future stars of cycling, ”added Rauno Klettenberg, Chairman of the Board of Holm Bank.

Ampler Development Team riders are now protected by Holm Bank and Liisi branded helmets throughout the season.

Photo: Adam Illingworth


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