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From Taiwan to Olympias Tour

Some of Voltas Tartu 2024 by CCN riders have already 11 days of racing in their legs. Martti Lenzius and Lauri Tamm started their season with Estonian national team in February with racing Tour of Colombia (2.1). Their role was to help the sprint train on easier days and get their first experiance in higher level racing on altitude. The national team coach was pleased with them.

Voltas Tartu 2024 by CCN's claendar started in March with the Dutch UCI 1.2 one day race 63rd Salverda Bouw Ster van Zwolle. Žygimantas Matuzevičius finished 43rd, Kristian Klevgard 45th, Alekss Krasts 50th. Only 62 riders out of 171 finished. Aaron Aus, Martti Lenzius, Jomantas Venckus and Rokas Adomaitis couldn't finish either this hectic day.

Next stop for five riders was the Tour of Taiwan (UCI 2.1) and the younger half of the team stayed in Belgium for the one day races. The best performer in Taiwan was our Latvian Alekss Krasts who finished 33rd in the general classifications. Guys came back with a very positive feedback and they all liked to discover the Asian calendar race with a high level field. It was perfect to get the wheels rolling in the nice weather and surrounded by a very enthusiastic crowd.

Same time in Belgium Kristupas Mikutis finished 7th, Jomantas Venckus 8th, Aaron Aus 11th and Rokas Adomaitis 29th of the Moeren Classic (1.12A). In Youngster Coast Challenge the day before guys were performing a bit less in the crosswinds. Aus finished 64th, Mikutis 81st. Adomaitis, Lapins, Venckus, Küüt & Lenzius were among the other 61 riders not finishing the race due to different craches and splits caused by the crosswinds.

The cherry on the top to the crosswind campaign was Olympias Tour (2.2). It's famous for the open fields and many crashes due to the nervousity of the race. Only 60 riders out of 154 starters finished the race. Unluckily our last survivor Alekss Krasts had to pull out during the last day, the cold rain got better of him too. Wasn't easy to get used to the Dutch early spring temperatures after hot days in Taiwan. Adomaitis, Aus, Mikutis, Lapins and Lenzius stopped alreadyduring the previous days.

Next stop is Tour du Loire et Cher which should suit the team already a lot better with its rolling roads and small hills. Alekss finished 2nd of a stage last year.

Voltas Tartu 2024 by CCN riders in Tour of Taiwan (UCI 2.1)


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