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Alekss Krasts got the mountains jersey on the famous Col du VAM

Alekss Krasts was part of a three men breakaway on the second stage of the Olympias Tour. The race went six times up the Col du VAM during the second half of the 173km long stage and Alekss was the first guy to go through the finish line the first three times.

The final was intense and two riders managed to stay away with a move on the last 14km long lap.

The race was won by Peter Schulting (Volkerwessels Cycling Team) with 3h52m25s ahead of Hartthijs de Vries (Metec-Solarwatt) +2s.

Madis Mihkels finished 17th (+19s) of the day and he climbed to 18th (+29s) place in the GC now.

The race is lead by Elmar Reinders (Riwal Cycling Team).

Results here.

Video on our youtube channel :


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