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Two National Champions in criterium!

Saturday was the Estonian national championships in criterium. U23 and Elite category men raced together for 42.9km on the city laps at Elva. Siim Kiskonen and Lauri Tamm escaped together early in the race and the peloton failed to catch them. After several intermediate sprints, Lauri Tamm wins the main one, but Siim has one point more at the end and wins overall. So we got Elite category Estonian Champion in criterium and Under 23 also. Markus Pajur was third in the race and second in the Elite category. Aaron Aus was fifth, second in the U23.

The day after was Filter Cup in Elva, where our guys were in many brakeaways. In the middle of the race, seven guys escaped and Siim with Lauri were again in the right place. With Estonians Oskar Nisu, Gert Jõeäär, and Markus Mäeuibo were Finns Sampo Malinen and Johan Nordlund. After several attempts Gert Jõeäär attacked alone and maintained the lead. Oskar Nisu finished second and Lauri Tamm third. Siim Kiskonen was 7th, Markus Pajur was 10th, and Aaron Aus was 16th.


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