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Team Ampler-Tartu2024 started the Tour de Bretagne, Mihkels 8th at the opening stage

The breakaway succeeded today on the 162km long opening stage of the Tour de Bretagne and the main field sprinted seven seconds behind the winner Mickael Guichard (WB - Fybolia - Morbihan) for the third place. Madis told after the race that there was a crash 1km to go and he lost positions due to that and had to start his sprint from far away. The 3 men breakaway was strong and two of them managed to stay away as there wasn't much of cooperation in the field during the final kilometers.

Check Madis's comments in a video interview after the race here.

Tour de Bretagne is one of the biggest UCI 2nd category races with a very good organisation. The seven day French tour's stage finals are broadcasted Live also on their Youtube and Facebook channels. The last two stages will be Live on France3 Bretagne.

Our previous riders Markus Pajur (Arkea Samsic) and Rait Ärm (Groupama FDJ continental) are also racing for their French teams and chasing stage wins.

From tomorrow on the race will be a bit harder from day to day, it was a completaly flat course today and many guys were saving the legs for the upcoming hills.

Check the video of the parcour here.

Madis Mihkels and Artjom Köster .


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