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Solid 6th place in Carpathian TTT

We started racing at the Carpathian Couriers Race in memory of Wacaw Felczak.

(2.2U). Today was a team time trial on a 4km circuit with 3 turns. Our expectations were not very high because our guys profile is more for hilly stages. Despite this, we managed to bring home 6th place (51.265 km/h), and the podium was only 1.4 seconds away! On the laps, tomorrow is a 146-kilometer road race. Our team here is Latvian Aleks Krasts, Finnish Markus Knaapi Lithuanian Jomantas Veckus and two Estonias Lauri Tamm and Aaron Aus.

When our youngest guys are here in the under-23 race, the older ones haven't thrown the shoes away either. Markus Pajur competed in a local race in Estonia and earned 2nd place. The Otepää GP is a season-opening race in Estonia on a sky roller track that contains only up-and-down sections in total.

Also a big thanks to all the supporters, it wouldn't be possible without you!


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