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Preparation is going well, but which races will be organised?

Ampler Development Team is training in Salou, Spain. The first week has been perfect, the weather is a bit colder than usual, about 7-10 degrees during the day, but dry and sunny. All the rides were done as planned without any distractions.

"Before coming to the training camp, our riders did a effort test in Tallinn University. It has been like that since years now and it's important to get the data before making training plans. At the end of the first week we did also a 20min uphill test for confirming the data we got from the laboratory," explained team's coach Toms Flaksis.

Team's manager Rene Mandri is a bit concerned about the racing program:"It looks like everything is going by the plan if we look at the numbers we have from the tests, but it is more difficult with the racing schedule. There is a lot of uncertenty with the races at the beginning of the year. Some races are postponed already and the ones left might not go on at all. Probably it will be decided at the last moment and it makes the planning really hard. What ever the decision of the organisers, we go to Belgium at the beginning of March anyway and prepare already the World Championships on the Flandrian cobbled roads if the racing is not going on."

At the moment Ampler Development Team has confirmed their first race of the season to be Trofej Umag (UCI 1.2) in Croatia on the 3rd day of March. There will be a nice block of racing with two one day races and a four day long tour in Croatia. As there are 13 riders in the team, the other half of the team will go to the team's camp in Belgium at the same time. "We hope to race the second category UCI one day races and tour's in Netherland, France and Belgium at the beginning of the spring, but it is still uncertain to which races we will get an entry and which one's will be organised at all," explained sports director Jaan Kirsipuu.

At the beginning it was planned that the first race of the year will be the Baltic track championships in Panevežys, but Lithuanians withdraw from this event and as the Covid19 situation is still bad in Lithuania, it looks like the whole race might be canceled.

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Ampler Development team before their first ride in Salou. Photo: @TeamAmpler

Testing in Tallinn University Photo: @TeamAmpler


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