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Markus Pajur and Siim Kiskonen participated in the Estonian Gravel Championships on August 12. The ride was 128 kilometers on Valka roads. The lineup included pro riders like Rait Ärm (Van Rysel-RRoubaix Lille Metropole) and Gleb Karpenko (Material-Velo). Both were our former riders as well. Mihkel Räim and Gert Kivistik of ATT Investments were also on the line. After the active start of the race, our guys Kiskonen and Pajur escaped with Ärm. 20 km before finishing, they started attacking but went all together in the final kilometer. Pajur was the quickest and took the win; Rait was second, and Kiskonen was third. Very strong and good presentation from our guys. The ride time was 3 hours and 28 minutes. This was our team's 6th champion jersey this year.

13 August was Filter Maanteekarikasari Tallinn, where Siim Kiskonen was second after Rait Ärm. Pajur was 9th.

29th July was Rand & Tuulberg 23. Elva Rattamaraton, where Pajur did another good job and won the race. The race lasted 2 hours and 2 minutes and was 70 kilometers long. Siim Kiskonen was fifth.

Jomantas Venckus rode the Baltic Road Cycling Cup in 2023. The first day was a 66-kilometer-long road race where he sprinted himself first. The second day was 75 kilometers, and he took second place. He finished second overall in two days and was the first U23 rider.

Now we are heading to the Baltic Chain Tour 2023. Our lineup is Markus Pajur, Siim Kiskonen, Aaron Aus, Lauri Tamm, Alekss Krasts, and Rokas Adomaitis.


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