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Mihkels 4th in the World Championships U23 road race

Madis Mihkels confirmed yesterday that he is one of the greatest one day race talents in the world and that his 3rd place in World Chamionships U19 road race last year was not hazard.

He finished 4th of this year's U23 road race and the podium or even winning it was possible too, it all came down to details on the last lap of the Wollongong city circuit in Australia.

The race was won by the 22 y old Kazakh Yevgeni Fedorov who raced Vuelta with Astana's WT team and got a perfect preparation with elite men for the U23 race.

Madis was a bit disappointed after the finish confirming that he could open his sprint only 100m to go and that he had the legs to win the small group sprint for 3rd.

Aivaras Mikutis from Lithuania and Joonas Kurits did well at the U23 TT finishing 15th and 23rd. The RR didn't go that well for them, they did not finish. The TT on Monday was won by the 22 years old Norvegian Soren Warenskjold who was 3rd in the RR.


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