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Markus Pajur won Jõulumäe mtb marathon!

26th August was the Hawaii Express Estonian Cup, Segafredo 24. Jõulumäe Rattamaraton, where Pajur showed his good form again and won the marathon. The race was 60 km on gravel and forest roads. He escaped with Josten Vaidem, and they managed to get an almost 7-minute lead behind the others. In the final, Pajur showed his strength and won Vaidem by 6 seconds. Pajur also secured his overall win before the final stage in September. Siim Kiskonen was 14th and Lauri Tamm 18th.

Now our team is heading to Belgium, where the Flanders Tomorrow tour starts in 31th august and we can participate with our U23 guys. Our startlist is Aaron Aus, Jomantas Venckus, Rokas Adomaitis, Lauri Tamm, and Alekss Krasts.


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