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Markus Pajur 2nd at Tour Of Estonia 2.1!

Over the weekend, we did our favorite race in Estonia. Home races are always something special, and everybody wants to do their best when families and friends are watching. The first day was 207km on flat roads and windy conditions. When usually the peloton splits and runners are caught a few kilometers before finish, then this year was different. Attack after attack, and the peloton was split due to wind many times, creating a nervy stage all day long. In the end, the peloton was still all together, and the finish was on the top of the 300-meter cobblestone climb. Markus Pajur managed to take second place in the end. He was the fastest guy on the climb but missed the perfect position before climbing narrow and tricky corners. still the best result of the season in a very strong lineup. Our young powerhouse Rokas Adomaitis pushed till the finish after the leadout for Pajur and managed to bring 12th place, which gives him the best young rider title!

On the second day, we had a plan to keep the overall 2nd place, and all the focus was on covering attacks and holding the Pajur in position. The race was on the tricky city laps, which contained two pretty steep hills (including a cobblestone hill and descent). They rode 16 laps and 165 kilometers. When the Estonian National Team started to break the peloton in the middle of the race, Markus wasn't in the perfect position and missed the brakeaway. At the same time, when Estonian National Team riders Martin Laas and Karl-Patrick Lauk did their best to hold the gap in front, Pajur and others did everything to catch the first group. This time it didn't work out, and we lost the overall battle. Siim Kiskonen and Lauri Tamm were at the front and managed to bring us strong fifth and sixth place. It's still a pretty solid result, but we always want to fight for the highest spots on the podium!

We want to say thank you to everyone who cheered us up this weekend, and of course, our biggest thanks go to our sponsors!

Photos by Adam Illingworth


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