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Lauri Tamm third in Tartu Rattaralli

Lauri Tamm finished 3rd and Gusts Lapins 5th in the epic Estonian Gran Fondo Tartu Rattaralli. The 43rd edition of Tartu Rattaralli (126km) saw a strong breakaway of 11 riders out pacing the main field and battling for the podium inside the last 6 kilometers. Voltas- Tartu 2024 by CCN was presented in the breakaway with three riders- Siim Kiskonen, Kusts Lapins and Lauri Tamm. Siim's legs were a bit tired from the previous day's (Tour of Estonia) winning efforts and finally it was Lauri who climbed to the podium, Gusts finished 5th and Siim 10th. The race was won by the former Estonian Champion Mihkel Räim.


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