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Lauri Tamm is Baltic & Estonian U23 Champion

Baltic U23 Road Race Championships took today place in Estonia, Võru. At the same event Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian U23 championships medals were distributed too.

Voltas-Tartu 2024 by CCN had the numbers to control the race from the beginning and basicly after few kilometers after the start they made the selection in the crosswind straight. Finally it was the Estonian Lauri Tamm who won the race ahead of his Lithuanian team mate Žygimantas Matuzevičius.

Lauri won also Estonian Championships, Martti Lenzius finished 2nd and Aaron Aus 3rd.

Žygimantas was crowned Lithuanian U23 Champion and Jomantas Venckus finished 3rd.

In the battle for the Latvian title Gusts Lapins had to please with the silver medal.

To sum up, it was traditionaly a good championships day for Voltas-Tartu 2024 by CCN.


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