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Jomantas 3rd in Dobele!

The Baltic road racing season begins in Dobele, Latvia. Team Cycling Tartu2024 rider Jomantas Venckus successfully represented our squad there. Jomantas finished third in the Elite category in a 10km time trial. Following that, there was an 80-kilometer road race, 8kms was repeated 10 times. The Lithuanian escaped alongside our ex-rider Aivaras Mikutis, who is currently a member of the Tudor Pro Cycling Team u23. They connected four more guys with them and remained uncaught. He tried to escape several times on the final lap, but it didn't work this time. As a result he finished fourth in the sprint, but third in the Elite category.

Next we will head to Poland (29.04 - 03.05) where is Carpathian Couriers Race in memory of Wacław Felczak (2.2U). The race begins with 4km team time trial and followed by 4 stages on hilly roads. Because it is an u23 race, our squad will be compared with the youngest competitors. Lineup will be Alekss Krasts, Markus Knaapi, Aaron Aus, Jomantas Venckus and Lauri Tamm.


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