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"Baltic Chain Tour has to make the next step soon," tells the main organizer

Baltic Chain Cycling is the common project of Klubi Cycling Tartu (Ampler Development Team) and Pro Jalgratturite Klubi (Baltic Chain Tour). The main idea is to develop road cycling in Baltic States and they are in close cooperation with Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian cycling unions.

Klubi Cycling Tartu presented ten days ago a UCI continental team (Ampler Development Team) first time with riders from all Baltic states (2 Lithuanians were added for 2021). The Baltic Chain Tour organized in the cooperation of 3 countries has been going on already since 2011.

The main organizer of the UCI second category tour Allar Tõnissaar (Pro Jalgratturite Klubi) was very happy during the Ampler Development Team's presentation that riders from all Baltic states are now included in the line up:" I think it makes the whole team stronger. If we talk about the project and the situation, the new reality, when all our partners have to admit that cooperation in between us (the 3 countries) is needed for having stronger projects. If we talk about the Baltic Chain Tour, we need to make the next step there too. As you know, we have had 4 stages in the program, in 2021 too, but i think that we should have 2 stages in each country in few years time. In that way the tour would be 6 stages long, it would be lot more atractive.

I'm looking positivly forward and hope to fulfill that idea. "

Photo: Kristjan Kivistik


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