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Antti Jussi Juntunen 4th in GP Slovenian Istria

The Finnish road race champion Antti Jussi Juntunen finished 4th in GP Slovenian Istria's (UCI 1.2) 40 men sprint after a 156km race. Antti was a bit dissapointed to miss the podium as he felt good during the distance and it was really close in the final.

It was Antti's and Ampler Development Team's second time to finish on the UCI points this season.

Many riders were dropped from the front due to the climbs and crosswind sections. There was also a big crash at the beginning of the race and Ampler Development Team lost Gleb Karpenko and Kristers Ansons due to this one. Luckily both riders got smaller injuries and they can continue training without any problems.

Besides Antti there was also finally Ukko Peltonen present in the front group. He even tried to surprise the peloton with an attack from far away at the middle of the course, but he was brought back 30km later.

As there are most of the 2nd category races cancelled from the UCI's calendar due to the Covid19 situation, Ampler Development Team will have it's next UCI race only in May.

Ukko & Antti

Photo: @teamampler

Video interview with Ukko & Antti.


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