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Antti Jussi 9th in Poreč Trophy

Ampler Development Team's Antti Jussi Juntunen got his first UCI points today during the uphill sprint of the UCI 2nd category 156km long one day race Poreč Trophy. The 21 year old Finnish road race champion told that he lost his teammate's Pauls Rubenis's wheel in the crucial moment and he entered the last 400m to far away.

The other Finnish rider of the Baltic continental team, Ukko Peltonen, did a good race too by attacking the main field 50 km to go and crossed the gap to the break. Finally they were brought back 10km to go.

"I'm happy with the physical condition of the guys and I think that they can do a lot better soon. It looks that they ride well together and the team spirit is there," told Ampler Development Team's manager Rene Mandri.

The next races are the Istrian Tour from 11th to 14th March and the Slovenian one day race GP Slovenian Istria. The riders to start will be the same as today ( Artjom Mirzojev, Gleb Karpenko, Pauls Rubenis, Kristers Ansons, Ukko Peltonen and Antti Jussi Juntunen).

Antti Jussi Juntunen after the race back in the hotel parking Photo: @TeamAmpler

Video resume of the day.


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