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Another successful weekend!

Our Estonian teammates Markus Pajur and Siim Kiskonen finished second and third in the Estonian Cup marathon series (6. Kõlleste rattamaraton) on Saturday. The race was 70 kilometers long, mostly on gravel, with little XCO components. Madis Mihkels, our past year's talent, tried everything he could to break our boys, and he was successful. We can't be too upset because the man is still performing at the greatest level in the world. Lauri Tamm was placed eight but second in his age category.

When Estonains fought on the dusty roads, Markkus Knaapi did road race in Finland. Road race series 43. Rosendahl GP winner was Antti-Jussi Juntunen, who was also in our team a few years ago. Lauri Pitkänen earned second place. The race was 68 km, but the duration of the ride was 1.44 h for the winner. 20 laps on hilly roads with more than 1300m elevation.

Our Lithuanian King-Kong Rokas Adomatis did a track race with National Team Lithuania in 12th may. They took part GP Framar (UCI 1. category) in Czech Republic and Rokas earned second place in Scratch race.

Next weekend is Estonian National Championships in Criterium and Elva Filter cup where we are represented.


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