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Ampler Development Team presented

Baltic development team lead by the ex-pro riders Jaan Kirsipuu and Rene Mandri announced last Sunday their team’s new title sponsor to be Ampler Bikes and the UCI continental level team will be named Ampler Development Team.

“We are really happy that Ampler Bikes join us as our title sponsor. It was a difficult situation at the end of the season for us due to the economical crisis caused by Covid-19, but now we can focus on our main goal

again. It’s developing U23 riders from Baltics and Finland. We have a very close cooperation with latvians as their coach Toms Flaksis continues working for Ampler Development Team too. It's nice that we have found some support also from Lithuania and Finland, but we want to improove in working together with our close neighbours,” explained team’s manager Rene Mandri.

Ampler is a light electrical bike for the urban cyclist. The first prototype was put together by three bike enthusiasts in 2014 and they are now one of the best known Estonian exporters with the main market at the moment in Germany.

Ampler Bikes head of marketing Ott Ilves shared Ampler’s motivation behind the name sponsoring: "Ampler as a company has an internal burning to help the local cycling culture and support young talent on their way to the world stage.”

“We have one goal only, to develop professional riders from Baltic cycling talents. We give them the needed support and racing calendar. They have to commit 100% with the goal to make it to the top. Some guys still

have schools to finish and we take that into account and help them with the logistics too," explained Jaan Kirsipuu.

Photo: Kristjan Kivistik


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