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Ampler Development Team heads to Spain for their first training camp

The Baltic continental team will reunite the first time for a trainingcamp in Salou, Spain from 11th to 31st of January. "The plan was different at first. We should have had a trainingcamp in Otepää, Estonia just after the Christmas and there were several meetings planned on the Panevežys Cido Arena track in Lithuania during the month of January. The Baltic Track Omium Championships should have been at the beginning of February like last year, but it was changed to 26th of February for this year.

Anyway, at the moment it looks like we can't go to the track that early with the difficult Covid19 situation in Lithuania.

So, we decided to go to Spain in January instead of February for accumulating the slower kilometers in the warmer weather and we will be back in February for preparing the track event. In this way the boys have the legs on fire before starting the Europe Tour's road calendar," explained Ampler Development Team's manager Rene Mandri.

"The first races are to be confirmed, but it looks like we will start in Croatia's Istran Spring Trophy and Dutch-Belgian one day races at the same time, as we have 13 riders in the team. Young boys are very motivated and they always want to start racing as early as possible. Like that they can compare themselves to others and get a bit of self confidence for the rest of the preparation phase ," explained Sports Director Jaan Kirsipuu.

Toms Flaksis (in the middle) will be coaching the riders during the winter preparation.

Photo: Kristjan Kivistik / Ampler Development Team


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