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Aivaras Mikutis won the Smiltene Cup, Köster 3rd

It was another good weekend for Team Ampler-Tartu2024 with Aivaras Mikutis winning on Saturday the 80km long road race in Smiltene, Latvia ahead of ex-pro Alo Jakin (Peloton).

Other boys showed their level to the local amateurs too, Artjom Köster finished 3rd, Andre Roos 6th, Pauls Rubenis 7th, Mantas Bitinas 8th and Alekss Krasts 12th.

"These are nice races for training, preparation for the bigger goals is going on as we do always some extra kilometers after the races, which provide us the intensity to have the quality involved," told team's coach Toms Flaksis.

Team Ampler-Tartu2024 riders also took part of the Toyota Riga Velomaraton the next day. The fastest on the 64km long race was Pauls Rubenis ahead of his teammate Aivaras Mikutis with 47.1km/h average speed. Krasts, Köster & Roos finished 4th, 5th and 6th of the race.

The next race for the team will be Filter Cup's Tallinna Rahvasõit on Sunday, 12th June. Team Ampler-Tartu2024 is leading the team classification after the opening Filter Cup's event in Elva few weeks ago.

Results Smiltene Cup

Results Toyota Riga Velomaraton

Photo: Janis Ligats


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