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A great ride by the team in the Nordic Gravel Championships & Finlandia Gravel

The Nordic Gravel Championships were held this year in the Estonian-Latvian border town Valga/Valka. Estonian and Latvian Championships medals were also distributed. It was a rainy and muddy day with sticky roads. The race was won by our ex-rider Markus Pajur, who became Nordic and Estonian Champion. The second place went to our Siim Kiskonen and the 3rd to our ex-rider Rait Ärm. Kristian Klevgard finished 4th and Alekss Krasts became Latvian Champion by finishing 5th of the race. Three riders in top5 in Nordic Gravel Championships is somethoing we can be really proud of.

A week later Siim Kiskonen showed his good legs again by finishing 4th of the Finlandia Gravel.

Kristian Klevgard after the muddy race in Valga.


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